Wednesday, 2 June 2010

HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!

The weather has warmed up nicely over the last few days here in Spain, it feels like someone has turned up the heat, last few mornings at 9am it has been 34c by midday 12am 40c and it is only June. 


  1. Just shown Richard the three photographs you posted today in the Sarah's Cards thread - he says he isn't jealous and it looks far too hot for him, he says he is happy in rainy old England LOL!!

    The pool looks fab by the way - is that your back garden?

    Karen x

  2. Oooh Carol can you send some of that hot weather my way please, it would go down a treat as I love it when its really hot, although I am not so sure DH would be quite so keen LOL!!

    I hope you are keeping well - take care xx

  3. Ooh Carol, finally found your blog:D

    hope to follow your adventures and see what you get up to living the high life with fabulous weather too


    Lisa xxx

    aka 3peaches;-)