Friday, 23 July 2010

July Crafting.

Not really been doing too much crafting as the weather is so hot and humid. Only managing to do a couple of Layouts a week and that is including the weekly challenge.

This is the Layout I did for week 1 July Challenge on UKS,
the challenge was set by the team The Lay(ab)outs, great team name.
The challenge was in honour of the team name to do a LO of someone or
something relaxing, The photo is of yet again another one of my dogs,
also to use the sketch provided which I loved and will use again.
Also it is the 7th month so put 7 elements on your LO, I used 7 different
patterned papers on mine, and some sewing or stamping.
As I prefer to sew than stamp I have handsewn circles on the LO.

Week 2 July challenge, set by
Wonky aka Jo.
The challenge was to use bright papers, I used my most recent papers I got from Sarahs cards.
Film or TV title I chose the film title sleepers, its a great film and worth watching,
also to put buttons and flowers on your LO, the flowers I cut from the patterned paper and placed a few buttons in the centre of the flowers.
Sorry it's another photo of my dogs again, but they are so photogenic.

Cool in the Pool.

Well the Weather here is certainly not getting any cooler, and the only way to keep cool is in the pool.
The photo is of me and my pup Albie, he likes to stand on the top step of the pool but, not go any further.
He prefers to relax more on his own sun bed, or even have an ice cream or too. It's such a hard life being a dog.


Thursday, 22 July 2010

My Beautiful Niece.

This is my adorable Niece Ruby Anne,  of course I am biased but she is so lovely and always smiling.
She is six months old on the photo and sitting in her high chair for the very first time, waiting of course for dinner to be served.

A little bit of Scrapping

Week 1 Challenge June for UKS, set by the Norty Crew Team.
The challenge was to use bold bright colours,put something silvery on your LO and use a title from an Elvis Song, I chose Relax .
The Photo is of one of my adorable Dogs, Albie relaxing on his sun bed by our swimming pool. 
This Layout is week 2 challenge set by the Craftaholics, which is my team on UKS.
Our challenge was to scrap about someone you care about or care for, of course I care
so dearly for my boys, use someting old, new,borowed or blue, journal on you layout so I included a small poem that reads.

Animals are Loyal,
Loving and Obedient.
Caring and Affectionate.
Gorgeous as can be.

Animals are Friends,
Best Friends to me.
Always standing by you,
As willing as can be.

Always underestimated,
But still they exist.
Nothig will hurt them more,
Than hatred and mistrust.

Always there to talk to,
Although they don't reply.
You see it in their eyes,
And know that they'll stand by.

The photo is of my two Cavaliers, Albie and Travis having a tumble and play.

Week 3 June challenge on UKS set by the Scrapgoddesses Team.
Loved this weeks challenge, like using circles on my Layouts and any excuse to have a play on my
Cricut, it is so easy one touch of the button on the machine and you have a perfect circle.
The challenge was to use circles on the LO, some bling, in the title.
2 of something used my beautiful prima flowers of which was sent to me from one of my Friends on UKS, 
Muchas Gracias Mi Amiga Honora, your the best.
Also you had to choose a quote from a Shakespeare play, this I found the most difficult bit, but once I found his quote I knew I had the perfect photo.
The photo is of my dearly beloved Charlie who suddenly passed away in August 2008,


This is Week 4 June Challenge set by Scrappcats.
The challenge was to use the colour swatch provided, which was blues and greens, use texture on your LO, so I used dew drops on the flowers, also you had to include an interactive moving element, the tag in the middle with flowers on pulls out to reveal journalling.
The photo is of  one of the beautiful fountains in Nice on the
Cote D'Azure.