Friday, 23 July 2010

Cool in the Pool.

Well the Weather here is certainly not getting any cooler, and the only way to keep cool is in the pool.
The photo is of me and my pup Albie, he likes to stand on the top step of the pool but, not go any further.
He prefers to relax more on his own sun bed, or even have an ice cream or too. It's such a hard life being a dog.



  1. That pool looks bliss but I am sure it would be too hot for me. Just had a week in Germany and I was nearly passing out when the temps hit 40c. Richard stayed locked up in our air conditioned cabin as it was all too much for him LOL!

  2. That pool looks great:)I love the photos of your gorgeous dog, it certainly looks as though the ice lolly is going down well!!