Monday, 11 June 2012

Hola!!!! from very sunny Spain.

Hola!!!! from very hot and sunny Spain,the last few days have really been hot and getting hotter by the day, reaching over 100f. It has been a while since I last blogged, just sometimes life gets in the way and I do not know where the time goes too. I have been having a go at this months sketch over on My Creative Scrapbook. I always love doing this sketch and enjoyed this one, the sketch is beautiful and inspired by the very talented Delaine Burns. .......... and here is my take on the sketch, hope you like it.


  1. Hi Carol! Ohhhhh so jealous of the heat!! I luv hot weather!! we r in Winter now & have had so much rain & flooding. Luv ur page! He is definately a ray of sunshine gorgeous boy!

  2. Hi Carol, I just can't understand why you moved to Spain when you have such awful weather like that!!! lol I am only jealous :)
    Gorgeous page and such a lovely photo of your fur baby.

  3. here another one be so jealous here netherland is it not so warm weather more rain than sunshine .
    But your design is so beautiful well done

    having a nice day

  4. Carol I have been thinking of you whilst we have this wet and windy weather and how jealous you are ROFL!!!!

    Super layout and love the colours you have used x

  5. That's so nice mi amiga! Thing of you and hoping you're all doing well, Leanne xx

  6. Gorgeous page Carole. Not had time to do mine yet!!
    Hope all is OK with you, speak soon :)