Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Sarah's Card Retreat - March 2010

What a fab time I had at Sarah's retreat, I had waited so long for this weekend and the time had come, off I went to Warrington for a weekend of paper stroking, playing,eating and chatting. I had only met a few people from other retreats but, was looking forward to meeting new friends I had only chatted to on UKS.

It kicked off on the Friday afternoon, Sarah and Lianne looked exhausted and so they should have, they had done a fantastic job, setting up the shop in the cropping room, and preparing the whole weekend so we all could play and enjoy ourselves.

I hope you enjoy the photos from the retreat, I met so many wonderful ladies and especially one Susy from Bali, we had only spoken on line before the retreat and it was so nice to be in her company, she was great to be around though she did nearly talk me to death (only joking Susy - love you lots).

I also met some other Ladies who I will not forget and am looking forward to meeting them again, Gwynetth, Susie, Sam  who I had the pleasure of sharing a cropping table with,thanks for your lovely friendship.

Sarah & Lianne
The Cropping room
Susy & Me
(Im the good looking one on the right)
Gwneth & Tracy
(dont they make a lovely couple)
Susie aka Mrs Rudy

Susy "yes talking again"

Karen - Gotta have it (more shopping)


  1. What a lovely bunch they look and i think you must be the one who has the tan .It looks like you had an amazing time .x

  2. Oh dear - I've been caught in the act - yes I did a lot of shopping that weekend (but not as much as Susie LOL!!)

    Great pics and I will get mine uploaded to UKS soon and send you the link!

  3. Great photos Carol. It really was a super week-end and lovely to meet you, can't wait now for next year :)