Thursday, 26 January 2012


Yes!!! Finally my craft room is all nicely painted and back to being tidy again. I have had a real good sort out, so now I can get back scrapping again now everything is organised and in its place.

Here are a few photos of my room finished, hope you enjoy looking at them.


  1. Oooh Carol that is gorgeous I am GREEN with envy, there is just so much s p a c e !! Jill x

  2. Looking good Carol!! You have everything so organised you put me to shame lol I love your punches on the wall, great idea much better than rummaging in a basket like some of us. Looking forward to seeing what you create in your beautiful new space! Your ink storage unit looks great on your desk there too, I still have to make mine!

  3. Well I'm certainly not showing you mine now that I've seen your beautiful room Carol !!
    It looks fab, lovely and spacious and light.

  4. Replies
    1. Oh wow, I love that space. It makes me want to decoate my room.
      Thanks for stopping by my blog today x

  5. wow Carol. Fabulous room. Lucky you. No excuse not to be able to find everything and scrap to your hearts content.

  6. WOW Carol it looks amazing, so spacious, everything so organised and lots of lovely daylight to craft in, it looks fabulous! Luv Karen xxx

  7. Hi Carol, I already commented on your post above, but I awarded you the Liebster award to try and encourage more people to see your fab blog. If you want to join in, pop along to my blog and have a look to see, Luv Karen xx