Thursday, 5 January 2012


On 6 January 2012 Spain celebrates the end of Christmas with a great party where everybody gives and receives presents. It is to celebrate the arrival of the Three Wise Men - Melchior Caspar and Balthazar - to the city where Jesus was born.

Here are a couple of photos from the procession of the Three Wise Men in my local town Huercal-Overa, the children go along riding the floats, throwing sweets as they pass you by.

In the same way that the Three Wise Men gave gifts to baby Christ, here they share out presents amongst children around Spain - in fact; they are more popular than Santa Claus.

On that day, children wake up and see how many presents they have received. If they have been good, they will find a lot of good presents but if they have been naughty they will find coal. These days, the coal is actually made of sugar, but some years ago it was real coal.

During this day, all families enjoy a piece of roscon (a sugar-frosted fruit-filled bread) for breakfast tradition says that the person who finds a novelty such as a coin, in his or her portion will have good luck for the next year.

Both young and old enjoy opening their presents on this day, but sadly it also marks the end of Christmas.

Hope you enjoy reading one of the many traditions in Spain.

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  1. I did enjoy reading that Carol, I love learning about other cultures and traditions. I never realised that the 3 wise men were celebrated in such a way. You learn something new every day so they say :)