Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Hola Mis Amigos!!!!!

Hola, Yes I am still alive and well, have not blogged or done any scrapping for the past couple of weeks. I decided to start tidying my craft room up and then decided to give it a good paint to freshen it up, so it has taken me a little longer than expected but I think it was worth it, will take photos in the next couple of days when my room will be finally finished.

Here are a few photos of my room before.......

And here is a photo of my gorgeous pooch Albie, he is totally wacked out after all that painting and cleaning up.


  1. Now I can see why your room needed doing! Wow it's so big! I will have to post pics on my blog of my tiny room!
    Just love that picture of Albie, what a sweetie he is! Jill x

  2. Great photos Carol, Albie especially. I hope you manage to get your room finished soon so you can get back into your crafting :) Take care, Karen xx

  3. Gosh you really are sorting out big time! Your room looks lovely and bright, can't wait to see the finished space :) xx

  4. lol love the picture of Abbie, so cute! Cant wait to see your room when its all put back together again

  5. Fabulous crafting space - I look forward to seeing it when it is set back up again. Richard is decorating our boxroom next week and putting in a wall of Expedits - I must remember to do some before and after photographs for my blog.

    Karen x